The Thick of It

When I was a child; reading, writing, and creating were my “escape.” Destination Imagination. 

My family and friends did not understand my obsession with books. I carried so many books and journals with me, that I would go through multiple backpacks and satchels throughout the year; as the straps would wear down and rip free.

Writing has always come easily to me. Creating things, has not.

Over the past two months, I’ve made notes and summaries for the four volumes (20 issues) of my graphic novel. And I feel very proud of this fact. It was a lot of work, it took hours. I hit blocks, and wrote my way out of them. I can finally see the big picture, and I feel really ready to tackle this project.

In the two weeks since completing all of this writing I’ve drawn exactly three storyboards. Eight panels total. Two of those pages needed to be redrawn!

I’m back to feeling defeated.

I’m not quitting! I will not be deterred. Drawing how I want this to look is like pulling teeth for me, but if I stick at it, this will get easier. Eventually! Or so I’m told.

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