Temperature Activated Insomnia

My Facebook memories have been reminding me that approximately the same time last year (and in subsequent years), I was also awake at 3:00 am. Uncomfortable. Unable to relax. And unhappy about it.

I make more social media posts in the middle of the night than I ever do during the day.

Always a light sleeper; I stir for the slightest disturbance. If my ball-python, Malleus, is active in the middle of the night trying to shed her skin on the other side of the room, it wakes me.

I moved to a very quiet neighbourhood last year when I bought my home. I live across the street from a church now, and there’s only foot-traffic (or any traffic) once a week during morning mass. Other than that, the silence is near unsettling.

I’m a city woman at heart. I’m acclimatized to noisier regions. When I first moved into this house, I couldn’t sleep. I have successfully resisted the urge to buy a noise machine, and am slowly becoming accustomed to the stillness.

Weather changes have me up for different reasons. When the sun sleeps more often, my mind races. I’m physically tired, but mentally restless.

I’ve always loved the winter. I’ll feel more relaxed when it gets here. I’ll be able to settle into my nocturnal role.

Winter is so still, calm and clean. Everything covered in a pillowy white blanket. Everyone and everything sleeps, and moves more slowly with the cold.

It’s the perfect time to work.

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