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Everything is finally melting!

I don’t usually get excited about the change of seasons, but I guess being a homeowner, my perspective has shifted. I’m much more aware of the melting snow (less sidewalk maintenance), and the sun coming through the curtains earlier in the morning.

Last Wednesday I went to see the Dave Matthews / Our Lady Peace concert at the Burton Cummings theatre. It was the best concert I’ve ever been to. Lights, sound … incredible performances. It’s been about six or seven years since I last saw Our Lady Peace (the last time they were in town), and they are better every time I see them. Raine Maida really knows how to connect with the audience.

I’ve never seen Dave Matthews in concert, but it was definitely worth it. I love his music, and he’s got a great personality. It was so disappointing to see people heckling him in the audience, but he handled it really well.

Watching both bands perform together in the encore was indescribable. I’ve never seen that at a concert before. Hearing Raine Maida sing Hello Time Bomb standing beside Dave Matthews … I’m not ashamed to admit I was a woo-girl.

Art meet was on Saturday, and I could only stay for a couple of hours before the pain in my neck, back and should got to me and I had to go home and lie down.

It’s frustrating, because I’m so close to finishing my first comic panel now … I’ve begun work on the background and it looks exactly how I wanted it too. I’m pretty proud of myself.

I’m beginning to feel like I can actually do this.

Sitting up at work is hard, but I get through the day with prescription anti-inflammatories.

Looking forward to the long weekend. Fingers crossed that I have something to share soon!!

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