Sidetrack Sunday?

I’ve spent this weekend undertaking a really interesting (if not overwhelming) task …

I have pretty much everything¬† I’ve ever written in notebooks, journals, on napkins, notepads, sticky notes … what-have-you! I have it all!

This weekend, I pulled my writing out of my filing cabinet, and cupboards, and set about the monumental task of organizing all of it onto my new creative blog. Which meant: typing it up, sorting it, and figuring out which items I was keeping, tossing, and which of my darlings I was going to kill.

Not an easy ordeal.

In the last ten years … I haven’t thrown out or shredded many pieces of my writing.¬†

I’ve gotten started, and it’s gonna be a bit before I can come up for air. So far so good! I cannot wait to see it all in one organized place, it’s gonna be awesome!

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