Looking Forward to NaNoWriMo

Like many aspiring writers, I participate in National Novel Writing Month every year in November.

I’ve always kept the details of my writing projects to myself, and have not participated very much in the online discussions, or social communities. I’m used to being a solitary writer. Spending hours at a time at the downtown Millennium Library (even in my teenage years, before it was renovated, when it was still called the Centennial), drinking cocoa, plotting, scheming and writing.

The closest I’ve ever come to meeting the challenge was 26,000 words when I was 19 years old. I think because I’ve never taken an organized approach to writing.

I always know how my stories end, but I never really know where to start with them.

I have a plan this year, though. I’m starting early!

I’m going to spend October working on my Inktober challenge, as well as getting my story structure and plot layout ready to go. I’ll tidy of my craft room / office space, and when November rolls in with its grey pessimistic clouds, I’ll be organized and ready to conquer.

This is the year. I can feel it.

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