I Don’t Do “Slow”

One of things that I’ve always hated about learning a new art technique (or a new instrument, or a new coding language, etc., ad naseum …); is that the advice received right from the beginning is, “start with the basics.”

Thank you for absolutely nothing.

The problem I have, with asking for assistance, is no one seems willing to teach me at the level or pace at which I desire to learn.

When I begin learning piano alongside flute, my piano teacher wanted to teach me scales, instead of music, during my lessons. “It’s a completely different instrument!” My violin and guitar teachers both had the exact same exclamation.

If the instruments are so different, why is the music written on sheets in the same fashion? Why are the chords comprised of the same notes? Why are the scales the same?

Don’t worry, they weren’t the first instructors not to like me. Nor the last.

My exasperation stems from the fact that I’ve already exhausted the basics on my own. I practiced my scales at home. I drew badly before going into my art class. I write small test arrays. I’m asking because I am spinning my wheels, and learning nothing new.

Taking art and coding in college was one of the biggest disappointments of the DMD program. My art instructor did not demonstrate art techniques, or answer questions about improving skills. He primarily provided feedback on my existing artwork to help make it more dynamic, or visually appealing. We had a few good rows over my rough sketches when he was unable to visualize my final concept, or thought it would be too difficult to manifest within the time constraints of the deadline (proved him wrong, by the way).

I did enjoy those discussions, because they taught me how to advocate for my work, and forced me to verbalize my ideas. I wish I could have more discussions like that.

Working on Code Academy is trying my patience. So far, I find the lessons very simple, and I haven’t found an option for skipping ahead… Playing Hack n’ Slash, the game accommodated for my knowledge and increased the difficulty. So does Rock Smith …

I have no choice though. I need to pick up some extra skills, so I’ll keep chipping away at the boring shit.

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