Fan Quest has Completed

Oh my goodness, I bought so many comics …

Spending the weekend at the campus brought back a lot of college memories. Laura and I had many late nights at the campus in break rooms, stocked up on Tim Hortons or Subway food supplies, and cursing about leaving final project revisions too late.

During Fan Quest, I wrote out two issues of my comic in a panel-by-panel breakdown and started making sketches of how the layout is going to be with notes about lighting and dialogue.

Showed my panel print off to people that checked out our table, and got some encouraging words to keep in mind as I continue working.

I’ve given myself until the end of July to finish the full story board, at which point I’ll being a second stab at character designs.

I want to have two issues done in the next year, so one step at a time! Here we go!

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