Checking Things Off…

I have ordered my business cards!

I’m also contemplating changing the name of my business, but that’s a story for another time …

I had a very productive day at Laura’s. I helped her update her portfolio website, and got a lot of work done on my panel. Located some scans, and past work to get printed closer to the June event, and have a clearer outline of expectations for the next few weeks.

I only have highlights left to do on this panel, and I really want it to be finished already! I’m very excited about how it’s turned out, and cannot wait to share it.

It’s been a long couple months … so much so that I’m beginning to think that working on something new is going to feel a little awkward.

Friends with similar projects have told me that working on your characters and style consistently will improve and become faster over time. I hope they are right.

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