Autumn, Horror, and Bullet Journaling

I love the fall. The air is crisp and cool, birds don’t wake me up at 6:00 am, everything is colourful and Halloween costumes and decorations are being promoted everywhere. 

John Cusack - 1408
John Cusack – 1408

I hate that it’s the shortest season. At least it feels that way. The transitioning colours take over scenery and fade away so quickly. My urge to paint rises and dies with the same fervor.

It’s so difficult to stay motivated when things are beginning to get colder and darker. When I’m bundled in a blanket in my craft room, drinking tea, and poking only my hands out of my layers to tend to my crochet … but to quote one of my favourite films (1408), “We’re here to do the job, and we don’t rattle.”

Horror media (books, movies, podcasts) resonates with me more than conventional genres like action, comedy, or romance, because the casts are more diverse in terms of race and sexual orientation than in other genres. I often find myself inspired by the drive the characters have to survive in their dire situations.

“We’re here to do the job, and we don’t rattle.”

I’ll admit I’ve take more than a few personal mantras from horror movies.

Looking forward to next month’s NaNoWriMo challenge, I keep telling myself those ten words. I’m getting myself grounded and focused ahead of time. I know I’m going to panic when November gets here.

I’ve joined some NaNo online communities, and everyone has been recommending bullet journals for a companion to the writing process. I’ve done some research on how to start a bullet journal, and I’m ready to get going …

Wish me luck.

If you’re interested in starting a bullet journal, I strongly recommend this Buzzfeed article.

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